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<Important Notice> Update concerning COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

To prevent the spread of infection, we are conducting temperature screening for all patients entering our clinic. By enforcing strict prevention measures, we aim to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone utilizing our outpatient and comprehensive health screening/health checkup services. We kindly ask you to review the information below before your appointment. Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration.

** Be sure to review the following before your appointment **

【Appointments will be suspended under the following circumstances (Update – 06/15/2020)】

(1) If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, general malaise, sore throat, nasal discharge/nasal congestion, headache, joint/muscle pain, diarrhea, and nausea/vomiting.
(2) If you have a fever of 37.5℃(99.5F)or higher on the day of your appointment or have had a fever within the past week.
(3) If you have been experiencing diarrhea or other GI symptoms for 4~5 days with no apparent cause.
(4) If you have traveled to (or have come into close contact, either at home or at work, with someone who has traveled to) any country designated by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, within the past two weeks.
(5) If you have come into close contact with someone infected with or suspected of being infected with the novel coronavirus (including contact with persons at home or at work who have had a fever).
(6) If you have come into close contact with an infected individual during your time in social isolation (including voluntary isolation).
※ For individuals who are most vulnerable – the elderly, persons with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory illness, persons undergoing dialysis or treatment such as immunosuppressive therapy and chemotherapy – we may ask you to postpone your appointment.
The following measures will be in place until further notice at all Nihonbashi Muromachi Mitsui Tower Midtown Clinic facilities:

【Clinic Policy】
1.For all visitors and patients using our facilities:
● Please wear a face mask when utilizing the outpatient and comprehensive health screening/health checkup services.
● Due to a nationwide shortage of face masks, we encourage all patients and visitors to bring their own masks.
● Please sanitize your hands using the sanitizers available throughout the facility, before your appointment. (For those who are not able to use the hand sanitizers, we ask that you wash your hands using soap. Please ask the staff for the nearest bathroom.)
● Please note that we are periodically ventilating parts of the facility, therefore on days where the outside temperature is cold, the room temperature may drop.
For persons who are concerned, please bring an extra layer to wear.
● Please be on time for your appointment to prevent crowding and close contact.

2.Imaging tests such as the chest X-ray/CT have been suspended at the outpatient clinic.

3.As a general rule, if it is suspected that you may be infected with the virus based on the symptoms exhibited, we will contact the public health center for further instruction or refer you to a designated hospital. In cases where it is difficult to distinguish between pneumonia and a cold, we can prescribe generic cold medication; however, we are unable to prescribe any special anti-viral medication.

4.Currently our clinic does not offer coronavirus testing, and due to the limitation of testing, we are unable to issue any medical clearance certificates or doctor’s notes for COVID-19.


We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Midtown Clinic Medical Corporation Clinic Director Junichi Taguchi

※We do our utmost to update the information on this site; however, the information can be out of date. Please be sure to access the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare website below, for the newest updates.

■Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare「About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)」

■ Internal Medicine Consultation Hours:
Weekdays, 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM / 14:00 PM- 17:30 PM.
Please note that the reception will close once all appointment slots are filled for that day.
■ The cut-off time for booking an appointment is two hours before the appointment start time. Changes or cancellations cannot be made online past the cut-off time; please call us at the following number to make any changes.

TEL 03-3231-2071

Online Reservation System (Available 24/7)

・Appointments will be made available two weeks before the appointment date and will remain open for booking until two hours before the appointment start time.
(For GRAND HIMEDIC members and Nihonbashi Muromachi Mitsui Tower office workers, appointment reservations will be made available separate from non-members and non-workers.)

Precautions & Notices

※Appointments are available in 10-minute appointment slots. If you wish to schedule an extended visit of over 10 minutes, please book two appointments consecutively. Please note that in such cases, we will be charging a “Special or Specified Medical Care Coverage” fee of 7,000 yen. If, however, your appointment start time is delayed by more than 30 minutes, the fee will not be charged.
Please be advised that for any no-shows or cancellations without prior notice, there will be a cancellation fee of 7,000 yen, which will be charged at your next appointment.
※Attention: appointments scheduled at the clinic either by the provider or clinic staff cannot be changed or canceled using the online reservation system. If you wish to change your appointment, please contact the clinic directly.
※If you have been directed by the physician during your previous appointment, to complete a blood draw before your next appointment, please arrive an hour early to ensure that the test results are available at the time of your appointment. If your appointment is scheduled before 10:00 AM, please come the day before your appointment for the blood draw. For all other labs/imaging tests, please be sure to arrive at the times designated by the clinic staff.

Appointment Confirmation and Cancellation via Smartphones

If you wish to confirm, change, or cancel your appointment via your smartphone, please select the appropriate option from the menu on the top right corner of this page.

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